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Gopro Hero 5,6,7 Color Diving Filter

Gopro Hero 5,6,7 Color Filter Price in Bangladesh

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Dive Filter for GoPro Accessory 6 Color Diving Filter Yellow Purple Orange Red Pink Lens Cover Cap for Go Pro Hero 5 6 7 Black


1. Dive Filter allows a broader light spectrum to reach the camera sensor for more natural-looking colors.

2. High quality with durable scratch resistant plastic

3. Snap-On Design, Easy to Install and Remove

4. Designed for divers who like taking photos and videos

5. Compatible with Go Pro Hero 5 6 7 Black

How to choose color:

1. Red Filter: Use for water depth of 10-20 meters, around noon (direct sunlight water)

2. Pink Filter: Use in tropical waters in the morning, shallow water, and in blue water.

3. Grey Filter: Use for dimming.

4. Purple Filter: The Purple(Magenta) Filter is custom developed specifically for green water. The filter will yield the best results from 15 to 80 feet.

5. Orange Filter: Lake, shallow water near the estuary, use in green water.

6. Yellow Filter: Use in Tropical Waters in the Morning, Shallow Water, Use in Blue Water(Diving Filters)


Filter Care Instructions: These filters are very durable however you will want to rinse the filter after each use to clean the filter. If the filter is not rinsed water spots may develop and can be difficult to remove.

Camera Not included

Package Included:

1 x Dive Filter


Color : Black, Yellow, Purple, Red

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